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SG fiduciaire advises and accompanies you in all phases of development of your company.

If your approach is the takeover of a company in operation, we advise you by participating in the meeting with the transferor and producing:

  • Risk Analysis :
    • Verification of accounting items (audit of accounts and estimation of balance sheet items)
    • Reading customer contracts (amount, recurrence,..).
    • Verification of the off-balance sheet and its commitments.
    • Reading of supplier contracts (commitment and market area).
    • Determination of gross margin.
  • Estimated value of the business to be acquired:

On the basis of verified figures and different valuation methods and different external elements such as (economic situation, economy of scale, complementarity of services,…), we determine with you a price range for business to be taken over.

  • The method of financing the acquisition
    • We advise you on the structure to be set up for the purchase and financing of the acquisition,
    • We draw up a business plan and cash flow reports to determine the ability to finance ourselves.
    • We accompany you during your appointments with financing companies.

Know that it is necessary to take into account the financial factor but the human factor because the strength of a company is its human potential (employees and workers).