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Our social secretariat offers you the following services.

Human Resources Department:

  • Search and selection of new collaborators
  • Salary calculation: Every month, the employer provides us with hours, leave and sick days. Based on this information and collective agreements, we establish wages. All this information will be sent to the Joint Social Security Centre (CSSC) in order to validate the amount of contributions (DECSAL, DECMAL)
  • Salary simulation : Based on personal information (married, single, with or without dependent children, travel expense deductions, tax credits,…) provided by your future employees, compiled to gross salary and other benefits in kind, we determine the gross / net ratio as accurately as possible and deduct the employer cost.
  • Declaration of entry and exit to the CCSS : This procedure validates the registration of your employee with the social security and the generation of a tax card.
  • People management : Leave, illness… and calculation of salaries by the generation of pay slips.
  • Salary split (distribution of salary between several countries based on the time spent in different countries).
  • The development and electronic filing of remuneration certificates.

Employment contract service

  • Advice and assistance in the application of social and labour law.
  • Drafting and management of the employment contract.

We also advise you on all types of clauses: remuneration, working hours, place of work, holidays, nature of work, specific conditions, etc.

Type of contracts: permanent (CDI), fixed-term (CDD), student contract, etc.

  • End of contract or breach of contract :
    • The end of an employee’s or worker’s contract is one more difficulty that we manage for you.
    • In case of dismissal: we inform you about the duration of the notice period, the conditions of serious misconduct, etc.
    • In the case of a fixed-term contract (CDD), the departure date is fixed.
    • In the case of a contract of indefinite duration (CDI), we draw up an exit declaration and calculate the balance of the leave on the basis of the end date of the contract.
    • When an employee requests it, we draw up the U1 form.

Recruitment assistance service: In the event that you hire a long-term unemployed person, a disabled person, you can benefit from state aid. We carry out the process of obtaining it.

Detachment service: When your employees work outside Luxembourg and European workers in Luxembourg we take care of making the declarations of posting (ITM, Limosa,..) and to comply with legal obligations.

Assistance in case of control: In case of control of the salary books, we offer you assistance and we represent you before the tax administration.

Follow-up of files with the social administrations and ITM (Inspectorate of Labour and Mines).