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It is often difficult to make the decision to divest your business. It is imperative to do this in advance in order to take into account the various points and to obtain the answers to the questions that will arise.

A transfer must be thought out and planned, you do not sell your business without having thought about:

  • Tax impact:
    • How would I be taxed and what can I do to reduce this tax?
  • Legal-legal impact:
    • What structure to put in place?
    • What to give up and how to give up?
    • What guarantee to get?
  • Family impact:
    • Should I give in to my children or to third parties?
    • What will I do next?
  • Social impact: employees and workers are often the strength of a company (its know-how).
    • How can this change be made?
    • How to retain the workforce?

Difference between a commercial enterprise and a sole proprietorship.

  • For the sole proprietorship, the transfer of the enterprise relates to the entire enterprise, which cannot be subdivided into strictly equivalent shares.
  • A commercial structure generally facilitates the transfer of the company. One may not sell the goodwill or a branch of activity en bloc.It is easier to sell the shares of the company. Either in one shot or in progressive sale of shares that spreads over time.

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