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SG Fiduciaire with more than 15 years of experience at luxemboURG ALLOWS its clients to benefit from TAX advice and secure support.

  • We draw up the company’s tax return on the basis of the annual accounts that we have determined together (IR, ICC, IF).
  • Tax declaration of managers in natural person: Most of the time, we also prepare the tax returns in person (personal taxes) of our clients managing companies, but also of their immediate family.
  • Analysis of role snippets: We are closely following the enrolment of taxes. We carry out checks or even a challenge. We detect any calculation errors made by the administration.
  • Representation before the tax administration: In the event of a dispute, request for clarification or any other interaction with the tax authorities, we represent you.
  • Tax advice to know your obligations and optimize your situation
    • Tax deduction options (insurance, eligible expenses, interest).
    • Based on your situation, we determine with you the most favorable remuneration in terms of income (natural persons).
    • Tax optimization in salary management. For example, via the “Salary split” (optimal distribution of salary between several countries).