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Accounting is much more than numbers.

That’s why we don’t just encode documents. We advise you and answer your questions.

SG Fiduciaire offers you personalized services that will allow you to focus on your business and your priorities. We offer:

  • The MANAGEMENT/SOLVENCY/CASH department, by monitoring your customers and on your behalf, we produce and follow your payment reminders. We contact your customers to find payment solutions.
  • The ” STATUTORY AUDITOR ” service.
  • The corporate “DOMICILIATION” service.
  • the VATREFUND service and all other services related to foreign VAT (VATMOOS).
  • The COST ACCOUNTING department (it makes it possible to analyze the individual profitability of the different activities of a company and also in the event of a partnership agreement, to redistribute the profits in proportion to the receipts and expenses of the partners.
  • The representation of your company before third parties (Luxembourg and foreign administrations and other state or private bodies).