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SG fiduciaire advises and accompanies you in all phases of development of your company.

The launch of an activity must be thoughtful and financeable.

  • Study of the project and the idea in order to determine the legal constraints and its feasibility.
  • Establishment of a business plan (first step) to determine costs and revenues to validate your short- and medium-term profitability and your financing needs.
  • The legal structure to be put in place to be in line with your project and its financing needs.
    • Self-employed (sole proprietorship). You decide and finance alone. There is no risk limitation to a contribution, all your personal property is committed because there is no legal personality. You are fully responsible for the company’s debts.
    • Commercial companies (2 categories):
      • Capital companies: The capital company has a legal personality and is impersonal. It is based on the capital (nature or cash) contributed by the partners, The shares are freely transferable and the liability of the partners is in principle limited to their contribution.
      • public limited companies (SA).
      • Limited liability companies, (SARL, SARL-S).
      • limited partnerships by shares (SECA).
      • the European company (SE).
      • Partnerships: The partnership is similar to the sole proprietorship because it is a contract that is based on the trust of the partners. The shares are transferable only with the consent of all the partners. The partners are jointly and indefinitely liable for the company’s debts.

Together, we will predict the unpredictable

We supervise you in the administrative and financial procedures.

We put you in touch with our partners (notary, lawyer and banks).

We also support you in the development of your projects put in incubation. We help you to make them a reality by advising you with an objective look.


We assess the “business” risk with you, we estimate it and help you cover it by opting for the right method.