Administrative management

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In order to enlighten you in the meanders of the administrative procedures and thanks to our relations and our network we help you.

  • Change of articles of association

Change of structure or statutes (from a civil company (SC) to a commercial company and vice versa from a Sàrl to an SA).

  • Sale of shares and shares between partners

We prepare the conventions and then we take care of the publication at the level of the LBR (Luxembourg Business Register).

  • Ordinary and extraordinary general meeting

Preparation and minutes of general meetings (convocations, minutes of meetings,…)

At each closing, we send you all the documents to be signed completed by us.

  • Transfer of registered office
    • Within the same municipality:
      We establish the general meeting accrediting the change and we follow up until the publication of the modification of the registered office.
    • Within another municipality:
      We prepare the necessary documents for the passage before the notary and represent you to him.
  • Application for CCSS and NSSO certificates, VAT, TAX, criminal record
    We contact the different administrations and make the requests for you to obtain the certificate or any other document.
  • Negotiation of a staggered plan with the social (CCSS) and tax (Tax and VAT) administrations
    We write the request for you and do what is necessary to negotiate in the best and personalized way, an adapted plan of staggering.
  • Compilation of data and response to statistical queries (STATEC, VAT,…)